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Suppliers of workshop curtains and wall partitions.
We offer affordable custom made factory dividers for every fabrication industry,
a solution for your auto body car body repair paint shop, unit or garage paint spraying or grinding area.
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Industrial Workshop Divider Curtains
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We manufacture and supply quality reinforced PVC Factory Partitions and dividing walls to provide a velcro closing space saving solutions for any industrial auto body business, typical uses are to separate drilling machinary rooms, dust in areas car bike or truck spraying preperation room.

Our industrial grade curtain wall system provides factory partitions without comprimising space, the dividers are ideal for seperating your factory shop areas of which have separte uses, the design allows for easy draw back for when the full shop floor space is needed.

Our heavy duty 610 gsm ripstock PVC comes in colours to suit any garage factory colour, our crystal clear PVC allows for a well light workable space.
The factory wall curtains can be custom and made to any size.

riller shutter door dividers
clear curtains for factorys
PVC with fixing wire kit

We manufacture quality PVC dividing walls to provide a velcro closing space saving solutions for any industrial business, typical uses are to separateauto body repairs and machinary rooms, minimise dust in areas and keep in the heat.

Our pressed rust proof heavy duty eyelets are designed with teeth to grip into the PVC for extra strength, the eyelets will not come loose or pull out.


Our metal galvanized wire fixing kits use a tension wire system which allows for smooth operation, the fixing kit is an effective affordable design with a quick installation process.

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